Reverse Logistics
We undertake the reverse logistic process wherein it sums up the process of moving goods to the final destination for the purpose of capturing value, or proper disposal reducing carbon footprints and being environmentally friendly.
This involves planning for the further recovers value from these materials by of re-salvaging, repair, refurbishing, and recycling, etc.
We perform proper arrangements for transporting the recycled matters to the final destination without any hindrances.
We ensure that only the best in the business will transport your material. We understand that using licensed professionals will increase efficiency and security and decrease the risk of improper handling.
We provide this reverse logistics solution at the most affordable and relatable prices with a developed chain of a model for the collection of used cartridges and other consumables through e-bins largely displayed with the retailer outlets.
This reverse logistics for a particular process is designed for the collection of the waste locally from all e-bins, consolidate and ship out to regional centers that are located at mostly at the gateway ports in the country.
All these consolidated waste is further sent to recycling plants approved within the country.

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